Saturday, May 5, 2007

Pagan and Witch Panel

Having many questions about why a 5 year old orthodox jewish girl cannot play with her bff since she is catholic? Why don't Dogs go to heaven? Such questions are posed by neo-pagans/witches on the panel and why they rejected the standard Church and questioned God. Also these experiences led the women on the panel to search for connection or pursuit for authenticity in the spiritual realm. That realm is polytheistic where there are multiple deities and they are honored. Honor of a deity or deities is essential to acknowledge our connection to the supernatural

There are many different types of witches/pagans/druids from the Celtic background to the aborigines from the Australian outback. Despite the differences they all are trying to reach the top of the mountain and come to a common ground. Common ground is where Christians and Pagans must come to in order to begin a relational dialogue.

One of the jokes is people believe that people during Halloween, witches will eat children, suck the life force out of people. In the past they were like hookers promoting themselves until they moved inside of their stores. Its a shame that these individual have been misrepresented who are just partaking in their religion which is just a little different.

Neo-Paganism today is a blanket term, we all believe the same thing its just a matter of the practice according to Suzy Wade. Sounds like Christianity, we basically believe the same thing we just come to the goal in different ways.

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