Saturday, May 5, 2007

Finding God Outside the Church

On a panel, key emergent voices are huddled together in the hopes of trying to discuss ways to find and proclaim God's way in unorthodox means.

Karen Ward states that in her ministry, they bring the redemptive purpose to parties that they sponsor. The party takes place and Jesus comes in slowly

Jay Baker, he states that in a conversation with an atheist. The atheist says that he does not believe in God since he has a problem with hell. How can God be so living and at the same time if you do not believe in him then you will be barbecued.

Other people discovering the Gospel is an argument presented by Tony Jones rather than presenting the Gospel to others. By allowing Christianity be a mosaic it brings a beautiful color into the masterpiece. So a ministry like the Gathering is creating a beautiful mosaic where atheists, pagans, witches and others bring the magnificent color for its culmination.


Liberal Arts Dude said...

Hi Carlos

I am someone who was raised by an agnostic, who grew up an athiest, but in adulthood discovered spirituality. I can't say that I am a member of a formal church -- I've tried Catholics, Quakers, Evangelical Charismatics, Unitarians and ended up not formally joining any of them. But I feel at peace with being a spiritual seeker and despite being a late bloomer at this (I became religious in my late 20s).I dothink it is possible to find God outside of formal church and doing so has made a tremendous difference in my life.

A-Typical Sociologist said...

Thanks for the comment. Thats great about your spirituality