Monday, June 4, 2007

Prayer for One of the Gathering

On Wednesday, the son Elijah Wyman, son of my dear friend and Pastor Phil will undergo a kidney transplant. I want to extend a virtual hug and an over ambundance of prayer. A saying goes, what effects one affects everyone. As a member of the Church, The Gathering this event impacts everyone of us. If one wants to donate to help with the cost of this surgery which I am sure will be a lot, please do so at

My family and myself wish you all the best and you will be in our prayers.

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mikeofearthsea said...

My posts are revealed. Only you, the Nysteads, Phil, and a few others were invited long ago. i warn you - I am in rare form. Fortunately, I don't have my way, becuase if I did, I would probably "clear the temple" of the GAthering like jesus did. Sadly, for me and my angst, that is not the jesus way.