Friday, May 4, 2007

Jim Henderson

No one gets bored and trying to get Christians to be 'normal', Jim Henderson on why he picked evangelism. That strikes an accord since Church can be blah sometimes at the sametime, many Christians are looked at as judgemental hypocritics, who talk the talk, but have a hard time walking the walk.
Jim Henderson says: To call people lost is what is done behind people's back and not in their face. This sheds an insight into the fact that Christianty has backstabbed those who do not believe. They offer their hand, but as they pat your back they plunge that judgemental knife into one's back.
As a sociologist the actions of people who do harm to those they do not agree makes no sense. They expect to hold power over them by saying you will be damned if you do not accept Christ. But power relations have no business in the spreading of the word of Christ. Bureacracy and rationalization as expressed by Weber corrupt and damage the message of Christ. Love and Fellowship are the keys to this endeavor.
"Jesus called for the Kingdom and the Church appeared", that is scary since they have not made much progress and need another 2000-5000 years to get the message right.
In talking about his experiences in India, he discusses how some of the people become followers of Jesus and rally for the ending of the Caste system. The tackling of social injustice and human rights is the start of dialogues which allows us to reach souls and love them through Christ. A step forward is crucial. If we begin with Buddhism, then Paganism, ultimately if it leads to a spiritual experience and continues dialogues, then Christ will come.


james said...

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