Friday, May 4, 2007

The Breeze

Like the winds which are blowing through the trees on this beautiful friday afternoon, so is the word of Christ that will be debated and dialogued.

4:10pm: People have had lunch at the Wyman's and they are returning back to the Church. Its less than 3 hrs until the opening of the conference. The Streams Gang as well as us members from the Church are quite excited. In the corner Carly is drawing a mural of a gargoyle, Stephen R and John Smulo are talking on the couches, and Karen Ward and Beth are reading the materials that came with their registration packet. Its quite quiet at the Church, but the voice of the voiceless will be heard soon(Atheists, Pagans, Witches and possible Satanists)

The emergent voices had lunch and realized that they are coming from different parts of the country. Northwest, West-Coast, the South, etc.

Like the song by Dar Williams, the Christians and the Pagans, we are coming to getting wherever there is common ground.

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